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a strategic business partner of Profiles International

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Pomaybo, Inc.

Solutions To Workforce Issues

Have you ever hired that perfect applicant to find out that they are nothing like the person you interviewed?

You’re not alone! Standard Interviewing techniques only provide you with a 14% chance of hiring the right individual, the first time, for the right job.

By following our recommended pre-hire protocols you may be able to increase your chances of hiring the right individual, the first time, for the right job up to 75%.

By utilizing our vast array of services, not only will you be able to determine if the employee can and will do the job, but if they want to do the job. These tools will help you to determine job fit/match, provide you with coaching materials as you acquaint the employee to the environment and succession planning guidelines.

In today’s marketplace, finding the edge to help you gain a competitive advantage lies in selecting and developing high performance workforces.

Pomaybo, Inc. provides workforce solutions to help you identify and understand your talent management issues, build effective teams, develop leaders, improve performance and communication, and improve your processes to make sure that you hire and maintain the right person for the right job.

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“I have worked with Dawn since the very beginning of Pomaybo, Inc. It is a highly valuable resource hub for all employee related issues between the initial job interview to the dismissal of employees that do not meet expectations. Wolfgang Bitterolf

Dawn is always the consummate professional, she is focused and does her job with great integrity. Her assessments and executive briefings provide invaluable information to business owners, HR professionals and managers/supervisors looking to hire or place the right person, the first time! Lisa Freeman Freeman Realty, Assistant Executive Director WIN-Pittsburgh"